GITAM School of Architecture

(Hyderabad Campus)

Welcome to GITAM School of Architecture

GITAM School of Architecture, Hyderabad Campus is established with the main objective of providing world class education in architecture. The School offers a five-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program duly approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. The basic mission of providing architectural education by the School is to create environment friendly inputs through traditional skills, materials and geographical conditions. The School is intended to develop into a nationally recognized centre of learning for architectural education.

The School's core strengths of academic rigor, focus on teaching – learning, specialization of faculty, handpicking of teaching talent and involvement of leading practicing architects in design teaching, have been endorsed by professionals and academicians alike.

The School is an elite institution with the state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, modern laboratories and student support services coupled with dedicated and experienced faculty. The skills and expertise provided by the School will help to enrich the students and help moulding them into creative, innovative and intellectually vibrant architects of the future. Further, the School focuses on research and development in designing the buildings, structures, interiors, etc., by enhancing aesthetic values and reflecting the cultural sensibilities of the society across the globe.

The curriculum addresses principles of design concepts, materials, construction system, planning and visual judgment which are fundamental for development of the creative process in Architecture. The curriculum is thus designed to encompass the core course-work covering foundation knowledge, skills and vocabulary, while upper-level study seeks a broader understanding of architecture by combining theoretical exploration with practical considerations. Field studies help students to understand human activities, behaviour and the value of space inside and outside and the details to be incorporated in the design.

The National and International study tours will be conducted by the Learning and Documentation Cellof the school that provides students with a unique opportunity to study and document buildings of heritage value and architectural importance.